Why Kim Zolciak’s Real Hair is a Big Deal

Real Housewife Zim Zolciak-Biermann recently unveiled her own full head of hair. Known for her extensive collection of voluminous blonde wigs, her real hair has often been the subject of speculation. Women of all ethnicities have started incorporating wigs, weaves, and hairpieces into their wardrobes. But extensions (clip in or otherwise) seem to be the going trend. Kim certainly isn't the first woman to have an obsession with wigs. Chatty talk show host Wendy Williams has built an entire shtick around her love of collecting, altering, and wearing custom made wigs. But at the moment that Kim unveiled her real locks we had an epiphany. Why is it that we've made such a fuss over this Housewife's hair?

We've never seen her hair.

Quite simply, the mere fact that we've never really seen Kim's hair is the main reason for all the speculation. We love a mystery. It is perhaps for this reason that Kim became such a prominent RHOA personality. Was she really bald? Does she have a strange condition? Whenever you're denied information about something, your imagination has nothing better to do than run wild. Ultimately, whether the results of her reveal match the image is of no consequence.

A matter of taste…

But we could also address the styles of Kim's wigs. Considered individual enough to have their own names, these characters aren't conservative in their appearance. Some have Grand Ole Opry appeal; others are slicker. All have the unmistakable air of Hollywood fakery at its finest. Perhaps we're actually more surprised that she's foregone the wigs in the first place. But as Kim doesn't necessarily enjoy having a more conventional appearance, we probably shouldn't expect her to completely abandon her extensive collections of hair additions. In her reality show Bravo's "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding" she's admits that she doesn't want too look too conservative.

Another reason for the wigs?

So why does she wear the wigs at all? Why not just style her hair in some kind of unconservative hairdo? Frankly, she likes them. According to Kroy and her little darlings, their beloved Kim dons her real hair around the house all the time. She has nothing to hide. Yet it's likely that people will probably still believe that she was wearing hairpieces during her big reveal. Many of us won't care either way. We all have our "thing." Wigs are apparently Kim's. If there's anything we've learned from her revelation, it's that the imagination is sometimes much more exciting than reality.

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