'Why the mystery over M6 convoy?'

'Why the mystery over M6 convoy?'
'Why the mystery over M6 convoy?'

THE huge military convoy that passed through residential areas and along the M6 last Friday morning raises several important and worrying questions.

It is clear these were the same vehicles which left the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Berkshire on Monday July 25, which arrived at the Trident submarine base at Coulport in Scotland the following day, and which eventually arrived back at AWE last Friday.

Meanwhile we know that the purpose of such convoys is usually to transport a very dangerous cargo of nuclear warheads between AWE and the Coulport submarine base.

So, we all need to ask: why are such convoys being driven through our communities without any warning?

Why were legitimate enquiries by the media met with such evasive replies?

Why do relevant bodies appear to have so little knowledge of such significant events?

What are they and we not being told?

Who is responsible for protecting the public from a potential accident involving such a convoy which the MoD have already indicated could spread radioactive contamination over at least 10 kilometres?

How do the Police justify shouting 'put your phone away!' when a concerned member of the public was recording the convoy driving past them in a residential area?

Philip Gilligan
Coordinator, Cumbria and Lancashire CND