Here’s why you should never use a hotel iron, according to a travel expert

You might want to check out your hotel iron before using it on your fresh shirt.
You might want to check out your hotel iron before using it on your fresh shirt.

This could put a wrinkle in your vacation plans.

Never use a hotel iron to press your clothes, one expert traveler warned — you don’t know where it’s been.

Gilbert Ott, founder of the travel site, revealed that hotel guests have been known to use the complimentary iron in their room for some zany, off-label reasons.

“It’s worth inspecting the hotel iron, or testing it on a non-external-facing garment before trusting your soon-to-be crisp white shirt,” he told The Daily Mail.

“Why? Pilots and others notoriously use irons to reheat pizza and other food during layovers,” Ott said.

Instead of risking it, the self-described “frequent flyer” recommends leaving the iron in the closet and hanging your clothes as close to the shower as possible, allowing the steam heat to do the job for you.

The warning comes after one popular TikTok user named @barfly777 attracted considerable attention not only making pizza in the bathroom at a hotel, but using the hotel iron to grill steak, while making noodles in the coffee pot.

It may seem like a big mistake, but in a video posted in 2022 that has over 50,000 views, Barfly demonstrates his grilling acumen using the hotel iron at his disposal.

“Set clothes iron to medium rare. Grill three minutes,” a VoiceOver in his TikTok video instructs viewers.

He then says to “flip that b—-h,” and tells people to grill the other side of the steak for three minutes more.

At the end of cooking, he tells his viewers that while the noodles were “perfect” but the steak was “not perfect” and that he would “go to bed hangry.”

Some people in the comments section of Barfly’s video shared Ott’s concerns.

“Imagine getting this room and needing to iron your shirt after this haha.


,” one person said.

“Ironing my khakis…”@hy does it smell like Cattlemans in here,” another added, referring to a popular chain restaurant.

“This why clothes smiled like meat juice last time I used hotel iron,” a third person said.