Why Star Trek: Discovery's Eve Harlow Stopped Looking At Social Media Reactions To Her Work After Appearing On The 100

 Eve Harlow as Moll in Star Trek: Discovery.
Eve Harlow as Moll in Star Trek: Discovery.

L'ak and Moll are quickly becoming some of the more beloved villains of Star Trek: Discovery, but only one of the two actors that make up the duo may know it. While Elias Toufexis is active on his X account and frequently interacts with fans, Eve Harlow shies away from the social media platform. The actress revealed to CinemaBlend that she hasn't seen some of the comments floating around about Moll on the web. And that's because of a previous experience she had on the former sci-fi series The 100.

This revelation came not long after I asked Eve Harlow about the comparisons made between Moll and Ahsoka's Shin Hati, only for the actress to confess she hadn't seen them. Harlow said she wasn't keen on reading fan reactions due to her experience of playing Maya Vie on The 100. Said situation was specifically tied to a key moment involving the character:

OK. So to be honest, I am very like–not like anti, but like I stay away from it because it's like... As much as there's like good stuff being said, a lot of people say really mean things and so like, I would rather not. Funnily enough, the mean stuff is what stays with you. Like, I remember, this was like years back but I was on this show called The 100. It was like the one that my character came out on the show. I don't have Twitter anymore. But like when I did, people were just saying the meanest things because they thought I was a villain and I was like, 'Whoa, like this, I'm [just] a person.' So I don't really look at that stuff much.

Eve Harlow might've gone from The 100 to have roles on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Night Agent, but she cleary still hasn't forgotten the negative comments she got from fans of The CW series. As such, fans will just have to share their glowing thoughts on Moll with her should she make public appearances after or during the final season of Star Trek: Discovery, which is available to stream right now with a Paramount+ subscription.

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Gallery shot of Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 cast
Gallery shot of Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 cast

I think this says it all. 

It's not hard to see why fans are digging her character. It's a nice change of pace this season for the series to center on antagonists who aren't hell-bent on destroying the galaxy but rather just trying to find some peace. L'ak and Moll are two couriers in a romantic relationship, hoping to find the mysterious artifact -- which was left behind by the Progenitors -- that Discovery is searching for.

No fandom, even Trek's, is safe from fan toxicity. It's a shame that Eve Harlow was pushed away from social media for decisions her character made that she had no control over. Now is as good of a time as any to remind fans that as passionate as we are about our favorite franchises, that this is just a show at the end of the day.

It's also a good time to remind readers that there aren't many episodes of Star Trek: Discovery left. With only six episodes remaining and Alex Kurtzman telling CinemaBlend the days when a series could go 100 episodes or more are done, it's good to embrace these shows while we have them. Fortunately, it seems like a decent possibility we'll see some of these Discovery characters in upcoming Trek shows once the series is over. As for what lies ahead for Eve Harlow's, that remains to be seen, but let's hope she truly gets to feel the love from the fans for this show -- and The 100 -- in some form or fashion down the road.

Star Trek: Discovery streams new episodes on Paramount+ on Thursdays as part of the 2024 TV schedule. I'm eager for the next installment, especially after learning what Callum Keith Rennie had to say to CinemaBlend about Rayner and Burnham's dynamic following their journey through time.