Why Travis Kelce Wasn’t Allowed to See Taylor Swift the Night Before the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift landed back in Los Angeles at 4 P.M. local time yesterday. So why didn’t she go straight to Las Vegas and spend her evening catching up with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, after spending over a week apart? He literally wasn’t allowed to see her, TMZ reports.

The NFL has an unwritten rule, TMZ confirmed: “Players are NOT allowed to stay with wives/GFs the night before games—any games....We’re hearing in its full effect this week.” It is unclear whether it is a league-wide mandate or if different teams handle it differently.

Still, TMZ wrote, “when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, the players are basically on lockdown for the wee hours of the night.”

Swift herself likely needed the rest too last night, as she performed four shows in Tokyo before immediately flying back to the U.S. Her last show ended the night of February 10 there, but thanks to the 17-hour time difference, Swift was able to make it to California before Saturday ended.

Swift shared an Instagram reflecting on her Tokyo shows, writing, “Tokyo!!! Those 4 shows at Tokyo Dome were so wonderful. I’d missed you all so much and loved being on stage frolicking around with my fellow performers and band again. Thank you to everyone who lives in and around Tokyo, and everyone who traveled far and wide to be there with us. 🫶🫶🫶”

While Swift and Kelce aren’t likely to spend much if any time together before the game today, there’s no restrictions once the game ends. (Kelce bought a suite for his family and friends to sit in, and Swift should be there with his family and hers.)

A source spoke to Entertainment Tonight earlier this week about how different this relationship is for Kelce and Swift. “Travis has never felt more supported by a significant other ever,” the source said. “This is just the beginning for them as a couple and many milestones are coming their way. Taylor and Travis make time for each other because they want to. They both take so much pride in the importance of family and love bringing their families and close-knit circles together. They are genuine, honest, loving and forthright with each other across the board. They both continually encourage one another to be the best that they can be.”

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