Why we need to stop being outraged by Katie Hopkins

We need to get all stop getting so outraged by Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins is using us all as her very own cash cow, and it’s been going on long enough.

In case you hadn’t twigged yet, Katie Hopkins doesn’t believe a word she says, she’s the Kim Kardashian of right wing politics here to milk as much money out of us in as little time as possible.

Katie Hopkins actually used to write a weekly column for Yahoo Style and a former colleague describes her as ‘the nicest freelancer I have ever worked with’.

‘I remember being shocked at how nice and normal she was,’ she told me.

But ‘nice and normal’ doesn’t sell newspapers like ‘on the edge of legality essential hate-preaching’ does – something which the Katie Hopkins character is a specialist in.

Because that’s what she really is at this stage, a character, a creation about as authentic as Keith Lemon. Keith Lemon if Keith Lemon decided to tell everyone that photos of dead drowned child refugees were staged and that ‘depression is fashionable’.

Admittedly, her witterings are slightly more concerning for the state of humanity but you know what I mean.

The real Katie Hopkins is probably sitting in her house in Devon reading the Guardian in a pair of much loved Birkenstocks, laughing at us all. In fact, she probably doesn’t even live in Devon at all.

This ‘real Katie’ probably lets her hair down by calling in to James O Brien to LBC under a pseudonym to air her real ‘nice and normal’ views.

Who needs integrity when you have cash?

However, she has been throwing some potentially risky curveballs into her character development of late. Taking some risks. Kind of like when Trump said that stuff about abortion and left some commentators wondering if it was intentional self-sabotage.

She definitely seems to be on a downward spiral even in terms of her own absurdity. Two years ago she was off saying fat people just need to eat less and move more and saying Lily Allen was ‘pretty hideous’ when pregnant.

Fast forward to last year and she’s calling all immigrants cockroaches so where is left to go? Why, Fox news, of course. It’s the next logical step.

Yep, this week the character went all kinds of Stanislavski when Katie Hopkins went global appearing on Fox news in ACTUAL AMERICA.

You can condemn her views of course but you must admire her ability (or should that be her publicist’s?) to rise from ‘I think she was on the Apprentice? Bit bossy’ to a genuine household name to appearing on US news stations.

It’s not important for her exactly what they are are saying about her name in each household, nor the implications of them actually letting it rot and warp their minds, what’s important for Katie is that they know it and that is what’s going to make Katie Hopkins very rich indeed. She can deal with the moral implications and long term effects of peddling such views later, when she’s at the bank.
It’s clever, in a sort of morally bankrupt way.

For now she keeps paying off the mortgage on a (probably) lovely house in Devon, privately educate her children and go on lovely, lovely holidays funded by cash churned from all this nonsense.

And what are actors if you really, really boil it down? Well, liars. (Sorry Oscars) And there is only one thing worse than a serial liar like Katie Hopkins and that is the serial believer allowing her to thrive.

So cut all the nonsense and just switch the Katie Hopkins character on mute.

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