Why we’re all wild about Harry Styles

Harry Styles (Down the rabbit hole, 21 May) is a unique heart-throb for the 21st century: a young man who has traditionally dated older women and seems to like women on more than just a superficial level. Women of all ages like him, boys look up to him, men secretly want to be him and he lights up the stage or screen when he appears with an effervescent feelgood energy.

Even while dressing like Marc Bolan as a 1970s throwback glam rocker, he still appears very current. He is confident in embracing his feminine side and preaches being kind to one another – perhaps inspired, in part, by the sad death of his former girlfriend Caroline Flack.

It seems that everyone is a little wild about Harry – and I, as a woman of a certain age, have to admit that I am a little bit too.
Diane Silva
Bournemouth, Dorset

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