Widespread cyberattack blocks government and public websites in Albania

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Widespread cyberattack blocks government and public websites in Albania

Albanian authorities are investigating after the official government website was shut down on Monday after a major cyberattack.

The "wide and complex" attack began on Friday and targeted government infrastructure and other public online services, according to a statement.

It began as a ransomware attack as hackers tried to hit critical systems and render them functionless, the government added.

The statement said the “method used by the hackers was identical with the last year’s attacks seen in the international cyberspace,” mentioning those in Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Those behind the cyberattack have not been identified.

Albanian authorities say they are now working with experts from Microsoft and the US-based Jones Group International to solve the situation “and bring it back to normalcy.”

The government has also assured that all citizens' data stored on the government's website is "safe and intact".

"Fortunately, the rapid detection and response to these attacks meant that government systems emerged unscathed," it added.

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