"My wife and I both have the same name - trying to travel together is total chaos"

A couple were forced to have different surnames when they got married - because they have identical first and middle names. Nicole Marie Skutelnik, 35, and Nicole Marie LaCroce, 37, met in 2021 and were online friends before dating. They met on an LGBT dating app, and thought they only shared a first name. After adding each other on Facebook two weeks later they realised they both shared a middle name of Marie too - due to their Italian heritage. Nicole LaCroce - who goes by Nikki - added Nicole Skutelnik, whose profile included her middle name. They decided against matching surnames after they got married - to avoid further confusion. Nikki said: "I know for Italian girls born in the 80's, Marie is the most generic middle name. "So [after I found her on Facebook] I asked 'are you the kind of Italian with the middle name Marie?' and the answer was yes!" Luckily they chalked it up to one of the endless list of things they have in common - and they've always seen the funny side of it. Whenever their families would meet, they would both use the nickname "Nick" - one spelled Nik and the other Nic - but sounding the same. They said even now whenever the name is called, both turn in unison - and have to use context to try and work out who was being spoken to. Even on their wedding day, virtual guests got confused who was being spoken to. Nikki said: "It was actually funny during our wedding ceremony. "The amount of times the officiant said ‘Nicole Marie’ - I wish I had counted. "You could have made a drinking game out of it! "My dad couldn’t make it so Facetimed us. He was getting confused who was being spoken to!" Before they married in October 2022, they considered double-barrelling their surnames, but thought it was too complex and confusing. Their names cause chaos and confusion when they have to present identification documents. Nicole is from Vancouver, Canada, where they now both live together, but Nikki is from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US., - meaning they often cross borders together on visits. Nikki said: "One time we drove across the border together and the guy asked ‘which one of you is Nicole?' and we both raised our hands. "Then he asked, ‘Which is Nicole Marie’ and we both raised our hands again. "We realised travel would be difficult. "We roll our eyes but we're both light-hearted people so we do chuckle about it." The couple have decided they don't want to have children. But they joked that if they ever did, they should make 'Nicole Marie' the family name, and give the children a different last name. Nicole said: "We don't get too confused by it any more and if we do it's just funny. "But it compounds exactly how much we have in common!"