Wife helped convict her paedophile husband with explicit photos

A woman has helped to convict her paedophile husband by positively identifying intimiate photos he sent to “young girls”.

Hayley Dunn was shocked when vigilantes knocked on her door and accused her partner James Kemp of sex crimes.

But when they produced pictures of his genitalia, she knew it was him and her world “completely fell apart”.

Hayley, now 50, said: “I was physically sick, I cried, I fell to the floor. I was in shock and broken.”

The pair met on a dating app in February 2017 and quickly fell in love, marrying just six months later.

But, when Child Protectors Scotland turned up to their home in Glenrothes, Fife, in January 2018, everything changed.

The vigilnate group had pretended to be young girls to ensnare Kemp, who had sent explicit snaps in return.

Hayley was then asked to confirm it was her husband’s penis - and was devastated to realise it was.

Kemp, now 45, was arrested months later and eventually jailed for 18 months. He was also listed as a sex offender.

Hayley says she has been left scarred by the ordeal and, five years on, can barely bring herself to leave the house.

The pair are still married, which the mother-of-two said leaves her on edge.

She said: “My world completely fell apart. My first thought was ‘has he touched my daughter?’ as he was close to her.

“He was always giving her cuddles and saying he wanted to adopt her. I felt like he groomed me and could have tried to groom her.

“I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for somebody that would do this.

“He said that if anyone tried to touch my daughter that he would kill them and yet he was doing it in our living room.

“It was me that recognised the clothes and I recognised his penis. It was one million per cent him - his wristband, his watch, everything was there.”

Hayley who suffers from fibromyalgia and arthritis, said that Kemp “fooled everyone” and that she had no concerns during the marriage.

She said: “Everything was fine. We never had a sex life but I always thought it was because he was watching out because he didn’t want to hurt me, being considerate as I was in so much pain.

“Then he started not coming to bed and he would be sitting in the living room on his phone.

“I thought he was having his feet up, watching TV, I didn’t think anything of it but he started coming bed later and later.

“He fooled everyone. He looked after me, he said I was the love of his life - it was all a load of rubbish. He plays the part very very well.”

The last time Hayley saw Kemp was the day he was sentenced on November 29, 2018.

She said the experience of seeing him in court was “absolutely horrible” and she fears he will “come back for revenge”.

Hayley said: “I was shaking on the way to court. I looked at him as he was sitting there, and my knees trembled - it was a horrible day.

“I had no energy that day, it was taken out of my body.

“When the judge convicted him for 18 months, I broke down in tears and kept saying thank you.

“I am still struggling to this day. He knows where I live, I have visions of him coming to the house.

“The worst thing of all is we’re still married, it is the worst feeling being married to a paedophile. He will not give me my divorce.

“I am waiting for that day to come - you are on the edge all the time.”

Hayley said she wants to share her story to warn other women not to rush into a relationship and be weary of people they meet online.

She said: “Whatever you do, don’t rush into anything, be careful with who you are dating - don’t let anyone control you.

“When I think back to all the cuddling he was giving my daughter - any opportunity he would get her would cuddle her.

“At the time, I thought he was such a doting dad but he clearly wasn’t.

“They know what they are doing - they charm the pants off you, they charm everyone.

“It is the scariest feeling when you get the knock on the door saying your husband has been grooming kids online.

“I live in my bedroom now, I can’t face anyone - I have put in for a different house as I can’t stand living here anymore.

“Every room I go to, I see him and I can see what he had been doing.”

Since Kemp was convicted, Hayley has tried dating again but feels like she will never be able to trust a man again.

She said: “I was out on a date once, a few months ago and I just wanted to go home - I can’t do it.

“I am too scared there is no trust for anyone. The only people I trust are my dad, my two daughters and my best friends - I can’t trust anyone else.

“People tell me I have to get back out there but I can’t.”