Wife of Husband Electrocuted in Hot Tub Says Son Got Out of the Water Minutes Before Shocks Began

"It got to a point where the shocks were so unbearable that I'm praying at this time. I'm praying for both of us," Lizzette Zambrano says

<p>Lizzette Zambrano</p> Lizzette Zambrano (left) and Jorge Guillen.

Lizzette Zambrano

Lizzette Zambrano (left) and Jorge Guillen.

A woman still reeling from her husband's death — which she says was the result of him being electrocuted in a hot tub while their family was visiting Mexico earlier this month — is opening up about how their night went wrong and how her son narrowly avoided serious injuries, too.

On June 11, Lizzette Zambrano and her husband, Jorge Guillen, both of El Paso, Texas, were visiting the Sonoran Sea Resort in Puerto Peñasco.

Recalling the incident, Zambrano — who has filed a wrongful death lawsuit — says in a video shared by her attorney that she and Guillen decided to spend some time at the resort pool before heading to the beach.

"We were there with my cousin and her boyfriend for about maybe 20 minutes," Zambrano says in the video, provided to PEOPLE. "There was already other family members there. My brother, the kids were there."

"He liked the beach," Zambrano says of her husband, "so after a couple of minutes of being in the pool he tells me, 'Let's go to the beach before it gets too dark.' "

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<p>Lizzette Zambrano</p> Lizzette Zambrano and Jorge Guillen with friends and family.

Lizzette Zambrano

Lizzette Zambrano and Jorge Guillen with friends and family.

After enjoying the view for a few minutes, the couple sat and talked before deciding to head back, Zambrano says.

"On our way there, we see my son and my cousin in the hot tub. We just decided, 'Let's go in there for a little bit,' " she says. "We joined them and when we get in, my cousin tells us, 'Ah, you just missed it. The bubbles just turned on.' "

Her son and cousin eventually got out of the hot tub, she says, but she and Guillen decided to stay.

Just 10 minutes after her son left the water, the couple felt the first electric shock, she says.

"The last thing that Jorge told me was, 'oh s---,' " Zambrano says, adding, "At that point, I was already getting the electric shock myself."

According to Zambrano's suit, which was obtained by PEOPLE, after seeing Guillen "exposed to an electrical current" and "keeled over," she "sprang forward ... to try and grab Jorge’s body from the hot tub. However, upon touching Jorge and the water, [she] was electrically shocked" as well.

"I remember not being able to move," she says now. "It got to a point where the shocks were so unbearable that I'm praying at this time. I'm praying for both of us, I'm praying that god help us."

Later, she says, she was told "my uncle was the one who pulled me out."

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<p>Lizzette Zambrano</p> Lizzette Zambrano (left) and Jorge Guillen

Lizzette Zambrano

Lizzette Zambrano (left) and Jorge Guillen

According to Zambrano, her husband sank to the bottom of the hot tub and family members had difficulty getting him out because of how strong the electric shocks were.

He was eventually removed after several relatives wrapped a metal pole in towels to prevent more shocks and pushed him toward the edge of the tub before pulling him out.

"What amazes me is that my family said there was so many people praying," she says, through tears. "So many people trying to help. That everybody had a part."

Zambrano was injured as well and had to be treated in the hospital. She has since recovered, speaking out through her legal fight and in interviews.

She filed suit in El Paso County District Court against Casago LLC, the facilitator of the vacation rental. She alleges that she and Guillen were electrocuted by faulty wiring that sent an electrical current into the water and also claims that a nearby security guard did not help when resort guests asked him to turn off the power to the hot tub.

Casago has denied responsibility, saying in a statement to PEOPLE that the blame falls elsewhere.

"The Sonoran Sea is a condo resort and the homeowners association is responsible for all common areas, including the maintenance of the swimming pool, hot tubs, and grounds," the company said. "Casago, a vacation rental company, is not involved in any management or maintenance of the resort."

The homeowners association did not respond to an email seeking comment.

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Zambrano's community has rallied around her in the aftermath of the incident, she says. AGoFundMe page created on behalf of the couple's families has raised more than $57,000 as of Monday, June 24.

"I want people ... the next time they plan a vacation, to be more conscious of where they picked to go," she says in the video from her attorneys. "To make sure there's a hospital nearby. That wherever they're staying, that the staff is well prepared."

"I want for whoever is responsible to take accountability for this," she continues. "Because this was never have supposed to have happened. I just want what happened to myself and my husband, I want there to be justice and I want there to be a change."

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