Wife pays tribute to 'incredible' Northampton husband, aged 37, who has sadly died after 18-month cancer battle

Richard Davies sadly died on September 14 with his wife Lisa by his side. (Photo: Bowel Bro)
Richard Davies sadly died on September 14 with his wife Lisa by his side. (Photo: Bowel Bro)

A ‘much-loved’ and ‘incredible’ Northampton husband with terminal cancer has sadly died following an 18 month battle with the disease.

Richard Davies, from Overstone, sadly died on September 14 ‘peacefully’ with his wife Lisa Davies by his side.

Lisa paid tribute to her ‘soulmate’ on Richard’s ‘Bowel Bro’ Instagram page, which documented his journey with cancer, gaining 13,000 followers along the way.

Richard and Lisa Davies on their wedding day, (Photo: Richard Davies)
Richard and Lisa Davies on their wedding day, (Photo: Richard Davies)

The post reads: “My incredible, handsome, clever, funny, kind, caring husband passed away on Wednesday (September 14). It was peaceful and calm while holding my hand. No words will do him justice to describe the amazing man he was. I knew as soon as I posted this Rich's phone will be bombarded. So I hope you understand that I have taken some time for myself. Not that it will ever sink in that he's no longer with me. But I take some comfort in knowing he is at peace and is no longer suffering. He was too good for this world. Love you, Richie. My husband, my soulmate, my best friend. I will celebrate your life for the rest of mine.”

Richard, aged just 37, had been receiving end of life care at Cynthia Spencer Hospice since September 1 following the news of a bowel obstruction that could not be rectified.

In the weeks prior to her husband’s death, Lisa said: “I can’t tell you how difficult it is to watch such an incredible man, my husband, start to slip away. The whole journey Richard has been brave, positive and strong, fighting off sepsis, a pulmonary embolism, various infections and bowel blockages, all while undergoing the harshest chemo available. Not forgetting also building our home and running his business.

“We are fortunate to have been able to access this facility [Cynthia Spencer] for Richard.

"To say Richard is incredible is an understatement, I couldn’t be more proud to call him my husband.”

Richard’s journey began in April 2022 when he received a devastating stage four terminal bowel cancer diagnosis.

Despite the grim prognosis, he embarked on a mission to share his knowledge and experiences, and generously opened up about his own life and how he coped, becoming a beacon of hope for many.

As well as starting the successful ‘Bowel Bro’ Instagram page, Richard wrote a book, called ‘A Significant Find’, detailing his journey with cancer, selling thousands of pre-sale copies.

Lisa said: “Richard, as you know, plans everything so his book is all in hand and he has people dealing with this for him and all orders will still be fulfilled. No changes to timescales of October. I will at some point, in line with Rich's wishes, need to stop sales. So we have the right number of copies and all sent out.

"I am devastated. He won't get to hold a copy of all the work he put into it. He really has put his heart on the line to share with you all this incredible life.”