Wife writes brutally honest open letter to husband’s mistress

Nisean Lorde
wife writes letter
wife writes letter

“I became thinner, blonder, a better cook…”

In a heart-wrenching open letter penned to her husband’s mistress, an anonymous Australian woman describes the moment when she first believed her husband was cheating on her. She said it all began the day the mistress “casually” picked up her hubby’s cell phone and tapped in his code to take a picture.

“I felt sick. I didn’t know his code,” the wife stated in the open letter, originally published Thursday on 9Honey. “You were oblivious to my gut-wrenching aha moment and your blatant over-familiarity.”

The wife then described how her husband slowly began to criticize her ideas, even about simple grocery purchases.

“He mentioned that you never bought tuna in spring water as tuna in oil is much healthier. I started buying tuna in oil,” the letter stated. “One day he lugged home three bags of activated nuts from the markets you’d bought for him and threw them in my pantry. Another day it was blueberry muffins you’d baked for our snacks. How helpful. How sweet, he remarked.”

The letter continues with how the wife popped in once to their business after school with her two kids and caught the mistress “barefoot” and wearing “tiny shorts” as she worked on the floor of her husband’s office. On another occasion, the wife states she saw the mistress laughing and “puppy-dog eyeing” her husband over her laptop in a cafe.

“You booked his accommodation, suggested restaurants to him and nail bars to me. You plaited my daughter’s hair and tickled my son when I wasn’t there,” the letter stated.

The open letter states that the mistress had a
The open letter states that the mistress had a “blatant over-familiarity” with the woman’s husband, knew his phone password and booked his accommodations. (Photo: Getty Images)

The wife said that her husband began coming home later each night, around 9 p.m. or 10 p.m.

“I would ring to no answer, only to get a short text: ‘5mins away’. I would sit and wonder what was so urgent in our small business that he couldn’t work on his laptop at home with me? What was so much more important that he would miss night after night of two delightful toddlers splashing in a bubble bath, slurping yoghurt and reading fairy tales?”

“You were more important,” the letter accused.

The letter states the mistress became bolder, someone who would listen to her hubby’s “self-inflicted marital woes.”

“I became anxious, insecure and panicked. I became thinner, blonder, a better cook and more capable mother…But nothing, nothing could change his vacant stare when he was around me.”

She says that she became paranoid at the thought of her family breaking apart and began tracking him through her iPhone. She discovered that he was where he said he was – in the office. She was told that she was acting crazy and jealous, but she was simply desperate to save her family.

“In truth I was lonely, unloved, emotionally exhausted…”

One day her husband told her that he didn’t want to “live like this anymore” and he was leaving. This after he spent a long day celebrating a major sporting event with the alleged mistress.

“He said he didn’t love me. He could never love me again,” the letter states. “He told me only crazy, insane people follow their partners on their phones…”

She was told that only crazy people track their partners on their phone. (Photo: Getty Images)
She was told that only crazy people track their partners on their phone. (Photo: Getty Images)

When the wife confronted the mistress, she was sneered at.

The letter continues: “You, who’d treated me like an intruder in my own relationship. You said, ‘What a story you’ve conjured up you weak, weak woman’ then cruelly asked if I’d forgotten to take my ‘crazy pills’ that morning.”

The wife admits that she can’t completely blame the mistress for the breakdown in the relationship, as the husband was also heavily involved. But she said the mistress didn’t yet understand the pain of tiny children asking where daddy was every night.

The poignant letter concludes “…my only revenge is my pen and a deep, inner knowing that one day, ONE day, you too will walk in my shoes. One day, maybe 3 years from now or maybe ten, you’ll be sitting at home with a cold dinner in front of you and a cold glass of wine in your hand while your children sleep, wondering where your husband is.”

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