Wikileaks shared juicy One Direction e-mails and Directioners are freaking out

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Zayn Malik quits One Direction
Zayn Malik quits One Direction

LAST NIGHT, WIKILEAKS unleashed thousands of leaked Sony e-mails onto the internet.

The website has republished all of the documents accessed by hackers during the now infamous cyber attack on the film studio.

Among the e-mails published? Tons of documents and e-mails related to One Direction.

There is obviously an awful lot to parse through, but fans have unearthed some rather interesting information from the leak.

An e-mail exchange between producer Dr. Luke and Sony’s Michael Lynton shows the producer asking whether or not the studio head can convince Harry Styles to star in a video for girl band GRL. (Sony distributed the One Direction concert film, This Is Us.)

Dr. Luke states that One Direction management are reticent to allow him to do so and begs Lynton to see what he can do.

The marketing strategy for the band is beyond hilarious

A presentation from Sony describes Harry Styles as “adorably slow” and reveals that they tried to position Zayn as a “poser” and a “player”.


Oh, and Sony was mad that Louis Tomlinson tweeted the Captain America trailer to his predominantly female base of followers


The revelations have proved too much for some people to handle

They’re obsessed


One fan even took to Tumblr to write a screed about how the leaks have her “f***ed up”

But to see how infantilizing and trivializing the boys’ descriptors were—“giggly?” “cute?” “slow?”—and that these words are probably still used not to describe, but rather, to control the boys who are now grown men—I shiver in horror and disgust.

This tweet pretty much sums it up.

Can’t cope.

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