'Wild Bill' viewers frustrated by 'generic northern' accents in Lincolnshire-set drama

Lincolnshire viewers sat down with excitement to watch ITV’s new drama Wild Bill last night, but many were frustrated to hear that the accents seemed to have moved the show to Yorkshire.

Rob Lowe plays the lead role in the cop comedy-drama, which follows his Miami police officer as he relocates across the Atlantic to Boston in Lincolnshire with his daughter.

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ITV’s synopsis for the six-part series states that Lowe’s character, Bill Hixon, has made the move with his teenage girl to “flee their recent painful past”.

The show received mixed reviews from critics after its first episode aired, with The Independent calling it “dreary” and Den of Geek referring to it as a “confused retro crime comedy”.

Rob Lowe plays a Miami cop who makes the move to Lincolnshire in cop drama 'Wild Bill' on ITV. (Credit: Matt Frost/ITV)

It wasn’t the procedural drama quality that enraged fans on social media, though, but the roving accents.

Many viewers, especially native Lincolnshire “yellowbellies”, took issue with the fact the show’s accents seemed to be rooted more in northern neighbour Yorkshire than their home county.

Not everyone on social media, though, was turned off by the fact Boston appeared to have been moved a little further north.

One account devoted to celebrating everything Yorkshire tweeted that the team behind Wild Bill had simply realised that a Yorkshire accent is “best”.

Lowe’s arrival on British TV is an unconventional move for the actor, who rose to fame in the 1980s as a member of the ‘Brat Pack’ in Hollywood and later received acclaim for his work in US political drama The West Wing.

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The 55-year-old actor himself described the show to Digital Spy as “a totally unnatural fit” for him, and said that’s why he signed on to appear.

Wild Bill is airing on ITV on Wednesday nights at 9pm.