Wild Boar Attacks Unsuspecting Snowboarders at Japanese Resort

Snowboarders at a resort in Myoko, Japan, may have been ready to immerse in nature on February 7, but not quite to the point of a wild boar charging at them.

The unexpected scene was captured by Haruki Takeuchi, and shows the wild animal barging out of the woods and straight at an unsuspecting snowboarder. The boarder falls to the ground, using his equipment to keep the boar back. The boar then runs at a second person, whose snowboard also comes in handy as a defensive weapon.

Takeuchi told Storyful that the boar attacked and then ran away.

The video was originally posted on Instagram by the staff of a nearby snowboarding shop, who captioned the footage, “‘Wild bore ran into me and broke my snowboard binding.’ This is what our customer said when we came back into the shop. I said no way. A for effort, good story. Well, believe it or not, someone filmed it.” Credit: Haruki Takeuchi via Storyful