Wild boar ransack Rome as rubbish overflows onto city streets

This footage, filmed in Rome, Italy, shows a family of hungry wild boars roaming around the city and eating the rubbish left outside the bins. Wild boars have invaded Rome due to the enormous presence of uncollected rubbish. Coldiretti, the association of farmers, estimated that at least 23,000 boars live in the city. The person who captured this video is a resident. He says: "We have been having this issue for a few months in my area. Families and dog owners are not happy about wild boars being around, however, I have never witnessed any attacks". Italy's capital has been struggling with overflowing rubbish bins, horrible smells worsened by high temperatures, and rats for a while, but today, the issue remains unresolved. Long bureaucracy and a row between the Lazio region and the city administration over which body is responsible for waste management, have worsened the situation. The Italian press agency AGI reported that Rome produces around 4,650 tons of waste every day. Further complicating the issue is the fact that there is only one waste-to-energy plant in the region. The recent resignation of Mario Draghi also came following a clash with the Five Star Movement over the building of a new plant in the capital. The filmer adds that "many rubbish bins were removed from Vitelli street, near the Church. More bins would help the situation and in this way, wild boars would not come close to us". The footage was filmed in Moricca and Vitelli streets in August, 2022.