Wild monkey at large after attacking pet dog and its owner in university in China

A wild monkey is at large after it was seen attacking a pet dog and stray cats in Nanjing, southern China. Filmed at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology, the video shows the monkey dragging the pet dog across a grass patch. The pooch's owner is heard screaming and seen running after the monkey. After a few moments, the wild monkey drops the dog and begins jumping up at the pursuing owner. The primate later ran away and there were no reports of the dog suffering any injuries. Students at the university also told Jiangsu Television they spotted the same monkey attacking stray cats in the same area. This can be seen in the second clip as the primate flips over a much smaller feline. The cat did not suffer from any injuries either. Another clip shows the monkey sitting on a bench seemingly unfazed by the nearby filmer. The final clip in the video shows a monkey climbing into a resident's apartment via an open window. It’s reported that the monkey was spotted on campus at around 6 am on April 23 and then disappeared in the evening. The police received the report but have not found the monkey yet. A staff member at Nanjing Wild Animal Shelter and Rescue Center said there had been reports of monkeys in Nanjing a few months ago, and their veterinarians had cooperated with the police to go out many times, but they did not catch any monkeys. It is not clear whether it was the same monkey in the clips. The videos were filmed on April 23 and provided by local media with permission.

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