Wild monkey rescued after climbing up mosque windows

This wild monkey was rescued after wandering into a mosque and climbing up the tall windows in Malaysia. Footage shows the primate sitting on the window grilles at the house of worship in Peninsular Malaysia. Rescuers were called to the scene as mosque staff feared the animal could be hurt if it fell from its perch. The officers rode a cherry picker to approach the monkey before catching it in a snare. However, the rescue took several attempts as the agitated creature kept scurrying away from the team's equipment. When it was safely on the ground, it gripped tightly onto the entrance door's handles, seemingly reluctant to leave the building. As if pleading for mercy, the monkey was filmed even clinging onto one firefighter's boots. They eventually managed to calm down the animal enough to carry it outside and return it into the undergrowth. Rescuer Amir said: 'The monkey was lost and accidentally entered the mosque so we rescued it and helped it return home.'