Wild stingray incredibly glides into swimmer's arms in Belize

Stingrays are among the most misunderstood animals in the ocean. After the tragic death of the beloved Steve Irwin, people have imagined them as vicious and dangerous creatures that would kill a human if they had a chance. The truth is that Steve's death was a rare situation and an unfortunate one, but it was not the intent of the stingray to harm him. Stingrays have one predator; large sharks. Sharks attack the stingrays from above and behind, often pinning them to bite them. The stingray will reflexively strike with its barb if it believes that it is being attacked in this manner by a shark. But they do not prey on humans and they have no reason to harm one unless they are feeling threatened. With a cautious approach and a respectful distance, it is perfectly safe to swim in the same waters as stingrays.