Wildfire Smoke and Intense Heat Create Large Cloud Formation in Kamloops, British Columbia

A wildfire in Kamloops, British Columbia, reached about 2,300 hectares (approximately 5,683 acres) on Tuesday, June 29, as hot weather and dry conditions exacerbated the blaze, officials said.

On Tuesday, the Thompson-Nicola regional district government issued an evacuation for 150 homes.

Six helicopters reported to the scene, with multiple shutting down due to overheated engines, according to fire officials.

Footage filmed by Kamloops resident Nicole Lyons shows a large cloud formation caused by the fire’s smoke and a heat dome, according to reports.

“There are no filters on any of them and the temperature was still 39 degrees Celsius at 9:30 pm,” Lyons told Storyful. “We had reached 46 degrees Celsius that day, our hottest on record after continually breaking heat records the previous three days.” Credit: Nicole Lyons via Storyful

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