Wildfire in Spain's Sierra de la Culebra Mountains Grows to 25,000 Hectares

Multiple communities in northwest Spain were evacuated as a large wildfire grew to over 25,000 hectares on June 18, firefighting authorities said.

Strong winds with gusts of up to 70 km/h had helped drive the fire northwards, according to the Castile and Leon authorities.

On Saturday, the fire forced the evacuations of the Melgar de Olleros de Tera, Calzadilla de Tera and Pumarejo de Tera municipalities. The fire was burning in the Sierra de la Culebra mountain range in Spain’s Castille and Leon region.

This video posted to Twitter shows a tower of smoke billowing from the site of the fire near Otero de Bodas, the regional government said. The area had been evacuated due to the threat of the fire. Credit: Naturaleza Castilla y León via Storyful

Video transcript


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