Wildfire threatens Yosemite’s giant sequoias - the world’s largest trees

The growing wildfire in California threatens some of the tallest grove of giant sequoia trees in the Yosemite National Park.Large flames scorched nearly 1,600 acres (648 hectares) of timber and brush at the southern end of the park on Sunday.The Mariposa Grove is home to 500 of the world’s largest trees, including the 3,000-year-old Grizzly Giant.As many as 1,600 people have been evacuated from the area since the wildfire broke out in the national park at the height of the summer tourism season, Park Service spokesperson Nancy Phillipe said.Firefighters have been taking special measures to protect the grove from the blaze.They have used sprinkler systems and the team of firefighters have worked to clear away any undergrowth that could become a potential fuel for the fire.

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