Wildlife enthusiast captures brilliant slow motion video of a fox jumping into long grass for its next meal

·1-min read

This brilliant slow-motion video shows a hungry fox eyeing up its next meal - before elegantly pouncing into the air and landing on top of its prey.

The beady-eyed fox can be seen gearing up for the kill, as it focuses on what it has spotted in the long grass in front of it, shifting from one paw to the other for a few seconds.

It then suddenly takes off, soaring into the air with its legs tucked underneath it and bushy tail flying upwards, before landing sleekly among the grass on top of its meal.

The video was captured last week on the banks of the River Thames in Thamesmead, east London, by wildlife enthusiast Dave Cooper.

Dave said: "It was time-consuming, I was watching the fox for quite a while. But it paid off. It's a great camera capture."