Wildlife officers treat ensnared Sumatran tiger in Indonesia

Wildlife officers rescue a Sumatran tiger trapped in a industrial plantation forest (HTI) in the Pelalawan Regency of Riau.

According to local media, it is estimated that the animal was entangled for three days before being released.

"These Sumatran tigers have repeatedly been victims of illegal snares installation by irresponsible people," said Riau Nature Resources Conservation Agency (BBKSDA) Head, Suharyono.

On Saturday (March 28) the BBKSDA receive a report from management at the industrial plantation forest and on Sunday BBKSDA offers arrived at the location of the Sumatran tiger.

After successfully releasing the snare from the animal's front right leg, it was evacuated to the Dharmasraya Sumatran Tiger Rehabilitation Center in West Sumatra Province.

The tiger is estimated to be an adolescent aged between three and five years.