A very 'Will & Grace' Christmas sneak peek: The gang celebrates an old timey holiday

Kimberly Potts
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s “A Gay Olde Christmas” episode for Will & Grace this year, as Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen find themselves — as alternative characters — celebrating the holiday in the year 1912.

Karen is a poor mother named Karolyn O’Sullivan, and, in the clip above, she and her hungry children think their holiday prayers may be answered when a knock on her door hints at a paying guest for her boarding house.

But the visitor, John Patrick McGee, has no cash… he does think Karolyn O’Sullivan looks fabulous, though, and promises his host, “No matter how bleak and depressing life may be, I’m always happy and gay!”

“Surprisingly gay,” Karolyn tells the very Jack McFarland-y John Patrick.

“A Gaye Olde Christmas” — that’s the title of the episode, which will include guest star Leslie “Beverley Leslie” Jordan — also finds Will and Grace as marrieds named Billem and Fanny Van Williams, new characters who fans will have no trouble recognizing as Will and Grace.

Fanny, for example, likes decorating the inside of her home and is obsessed with a newly-invented snack she calls “O-ray-Os.” She tries to get Billem to try one, but he refuses, lest he pack pounds onto his frame and have to spend a lot of time on the “mechanical horse.”

The Will & Grace Christmas special airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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