'Will kill all Hindus if a temple is constructed in Islamabad'

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A shocking video from Pakistan has set social media platforms afire and the content of the video is generating intense debate on a number of issues.

Pakistani kid
Pakistani kid

The video clip shows a bearded man is seen urging his son, who has been clearly coached and indoctrinated by his father, to deliver a message to the Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan.

“Khan-sahab, remember this: if a temple is constructed in Islamabad, I will kill all those Hindus, one by one. Do you understand? Allah hafiz,” the child, who must barely be 4 years old, is heard as saying.

People on social media are citing hatred, being perpetuated by Pakistani politicians and a section of the media against the minorities, especially Hindus, as the reason behind kids getting indoctrinated.

It is appalling to see tender, young minds being poisoned by elders, many commented on social media. Others believed that such indoctrination of hate can lead to more dangerous acts when these children grow up.

A Pakistani court on Monday had reserved the judgment on the admissibility of petitions against the construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad. Last week, the Capital Development Authority in Islamabad stopped the construction of the boundary wall on the plot earmarked for the temple claiming legal reasons.

Many Indian netizens also cited the video as yet another reason why the seamless implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act , which offers Indian citizenship to the persecuted minorities in Pakistan and other countries, is the need of the hour.