Will Mellor: Fraudsters stole my identity to launder £10k by stealing my post

Will Mellor has revealed he had his identity stolen by money launderers. (Getty Images)
Will Mellor has revealed he had his identity stolen by money launderers. (Getty Images)

Will Mellor has revealed fraudsters stole his identity by stealing mail out of his letterbox.

The 45-year-old actor - who recently joined the cast of Coronation Street as villainous drugs baron Harvey - revealed police are now investigating after he reported the discovery of fake accounts set up in his name and being used to launder thousands of pounds.

Mellor told actor Ralf Little on their podcast podcast called Two Pints with Will & Ralf: "A lovely lady who lives opposite across the road said, 'I just want to let you know there’s been a strange person going into your mail box'. So I checked my CCTV and there’s this lad, he put his hand in my letterbox and took something out. He’s following the postman.

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"They’ve robbed my identity and they’ve opened bank accounts in my name.”

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LONDON - NOVEMBER 10:  Will Mellor and Ralf Little attend a party for the West End press night for the Musical
Will Mellor told Ralf Little about his identity theft on their podcast. (Getty Images) (David Westing via Getty Images)

The Two Pints Of Lager Ant A Packet Of Crisps star said he had struggled to prove his own identity when reporting the false accounts to the bank.

He went on: “Do you know what I had to go through to prove who I was?

“They could open the account online, but for me to prove who I was and go in and close the account I had to jump through hoops.”

Mellor said the police have been investigating suspected money laundering after the accounts were found to contain more than £10k.

Will Mellor is now starring 'Coronation Street'. (ITV)
Will Mellor is now starring 'Coronation Street'. (ITV)

He said: “There was like ten grand in one account. There was all that.

“So they’d been doing this for ages and I didn’t even know.”

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The former Hollyoaks star said the accounts have now been shut down and the money seized by the authorities.

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