Will Young documentary on twin's alcoholism and death praised as 'powerful and honest'

Will Young and Rupert Young
Will Young spoke movingly about losing his twin to addiction. (Channel 4)

Will Young's documentary about his twin Rupert taking his own life after years of addiction struggles has moved viewers to tears, who called it "powerful and honest".

The singer and former Pop Idol star made the Channel 4 documentary to shine a light on alcoholism and the lack of support available after losing Rupert in July 2020.

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His twin had battled alcoholism for years before his death, even managing to raise money for charity with celebrities backing a pedalo fundraiser he created during a sober period in his life.

But Young, 43, told the heartbreaking story of how he had become his brother's carer during his last years when his alcoholism resurfaced, before finally asking him to leave their home, in Tuesday night's Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert.

Rupert and Will Young in life jackets
Rupert Young raised charity money through a boating event during a sober period. (Getty)

The performer shared his feelings on how Rupert's alcoholism had affected their lives, the decision to ask him to leave home, and the day that police had come to his house to tell him of his twin's death.

He also met other recovering addicts and people whose lives had been transformed by their loved ones' alcoholism.

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One viewer tweeted: "Such a powerful, moving, honest and heartbreaking documentary, I have SO much respect for @willyoung for so bravely telling his brother’s story. I met Rupert some years ago and will always remember how beautiful he was. Huge love to the Young family."

Someone else wrote: "So sad to hear this story and brave of Will and his family to share. I can see how hurt and sad Will is feeling."

Will Young
Viewers praised Will Young for his honesty about his twin's alcoholism. (Channel 4)

Another viewer added: "Such a moving sad watch my heart is hurting for Will and his family #C4WillYoung how incredibly strong Will is talking about it so beautifully god bless you all."

Someone else commented: "Brave and moving documentury. Behind all the fame and fortune you dont know the heartbreak people are going through. Stay strong Will."

Viewers also shared their own stories of similar experiences to Young's.

One person tweeted: "The @willyoung doc on Rupert, his alcoholism and suicide was... Brave, humane, no punches pulled. As the son of a suicide victim, the fallout really resonated."

Someone else added: "Poignant, respectful and honest documentary. We lost my grandfather to alcoholism in the 00s and it's still taboo to talk about it, thank you for shining a much needed light. Our inability as a family to talk about it is partly the reason I'm training as a MH Nurse."

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