Will Young ‘made dance partner travel six hours to rehearsals’

All this Strictly Come Dancing gossip is doing no good whatsoever for poor old Will Young’s reputation.


Days after it was revealed that the singer brushed his “personal reasons” aside to belt out a few songs a charity gig at the Savoy Hotel on Friday, further revelations about his short time on the show have come to light – and they don’t make him look very good at all.

As well as apparently not being happy with dance partner Karen Clifton telling him what to do (erm…), he also made her travel for SIX HOURS to meet him for rehearsals – and then didn’t even bother turning up.

Oh, Will.

Sources claim that the Leave Right Now singer didn’t fancy making the schlep from his home in Cornwall to London to practice his ham-fisted salsa, so insisted on Karen making the 280-mile trip by train instead.


“Will wanted to rehearse closer to home, which was impractical for Karen but she was happy to accommodate,” a source told The Daily Mirror. “He described London as having a ‘negative energy.’”


“He had some household things he needed to be nearby for, so it made sense at the time for them to relocate.”

Household things? Like his fridge and toaster, you mean?

“But after Karen spent six hours sitting on a train, Will failed to show up. And to make matters worse, she had to spend another six hours travelling back up to London, making it a pointless 12-hour trip.”

Still, Cornwall’s very nice, Karen. It’s not all bad news.


What’s more, when Will did show up, insiders reckon he annoyed Venezuelan dancer Karen by failing to make an effort anyway. Sheesh.

“Will signed up for Strictly expecting that he’d be really good and find it easy, but he struggled with it much more than he thought he would,” they told The Sun.

“He didn’t commit as much as Karen would have liked, and became very anxious about how popular he was.”

Hmmm… at the moment Will, you’re not very popular AT ALL.

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