William Shatner talks new movie 'Senior Moment,' growing older, the #MeToo movement, and dealing with grief

In William Shatner's new film Senior Moment, he plays Victor Martin, an aging former racing car driver who loses his livelihood after getting in a car accident. Shatner recently spoke with Yahoo Entertainment about growing older himself (he just turned 90), playing a romantic lead (opposite Jean Smart) at his age, and doing his own driving in the movie.

"They knew from my days of driving in the [T.J. Hooker] police series I did that I was a little bit reckless, but in my philosophy, only the stuntman gets hurt," Shatner said.

"So [the technicians] hovered over me with this car and I didn't hurt the car and I didn't hurt myself," Shatner said.

Watch more from Shatner in the above video.