'Show some respect': Outrage over 'disgusting' moment in Wimbledon final

An ugly moment late in Novak Djokovic’s epic Wimbledon triumph over Roger Federer was widely slammed by pundits and fans.

Disliked for years in comparison to Federer and Rafael Nadal, Djokovic was clearly the second favourite during Sunday’s final at the All England Club.

The largely-pro Federer crowd roared with delight with every point he won, but fell somewhat silent when Djokovic did so.

In a tense moment in the fifth set with Djokovic holding championship point, Federer pounded a backhand return into the net, however Djokovic’s prior shot was called out.

Novak Djokovic talks to the umpire as the crowd boos. (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Djokovic challenged the out call and was proven right, with Hawkeye showing the ball clipped the line.

The umpire ruled the point be replayed, however Djokovic enquired whether or not he should have won the point - and championship - because Federer’s subsequent shot was an error.

It was a fair question given the gravity of the situation, but the crowd loudly booed the World No.1.

The harsh treatment from spectators caused outrage.

Djokovic takes high ground

Djokovic admitted his epic, record-breaking Wimbledon final triumph was the "toughest mentally" he had ever endured.

He also revealed he was able to turn the overwhelmingly pro-Federer, 14,000-strong Centre Court crowd in his favour by training his mind.

"When the crowd is chanting 'Roger' I hear 'Novak'," said the Serb.

Djokovic is the first man in 71 years to win the title from match points down.

"It was probably the most demanding, mentally, match I was ever part of," said the 32-year-old Djokovic.

"I had the most physically demanding match against Nadal in the final of Australia that went almost six hours (in 2012).

Novak Djokovic speaks to the umpire about the fifth set call. (Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)

"But mentally this was a different level, because of everything.

"I'm thrilled and overjoyed with emotions to be sitting here in front of you as a winner but I was one shot away from losing the match. It could have gone easily his way."

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Djokovic saved the match points in the 16th game of the deciding set, which ran for over two hours and was settled by a 12-12 tiebreak for the first time in a singles match at the tournament.

It was a display of stunning mental fortitude by Djokovic.

However, he has been in similar predicaments in the past against Federer -- saving two match points in both of his semi-final victories over the Swiss at the 2010 and 2011 US Opens.

"I just try to never lose self-belief, just stay calm, just focus on trying to get the ball back, return, which wasn't serving me very well today.

"But in the most important moments, all three tiebreaks I guess, if I can say so, I found my best game."

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