Wimbledon releases video to celebrate championship and 100 years on Centre Court

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Wimbledon releases video to celebrate championship and 100 years on Centre Court

Wimbledon has released a new animated trailer to mark 100 years since the opening of Centre Court.

Named the ‘The Stage Awaits’, the All England Lawn Tennis Club has released the video which features three young fans who have been inspired by the magical moments seen on the showpiece court.

In the video, the championship plays through the eyes of the trio as the they to emulate their tennis idols in a celebration of the thrill and magnetism that has been seen at the great tournament.

Commenting on the video, the All England Lawn Tennis Club said the video is not just to pay tribute to the past, but also to look ahead to the next 100 years on the court.

The court becomes 100 years (Wimbledon)
The court becomes 100 years (Wimbledon)

Alexandra Willis, director of communications and marketing at Wimbledon, commented: “Our aspiration in proudly celebrating the centenary of this iconic sporting arena was not just to look back at all the champions Centre Court has crowned, but to look forward to the future, driving excitement and anticipation for this year’s Championships in particular.

“‘The Stage Awaits’, brought to life through this fun and energetic animation, aims to position Centre Court as a source of inspiration, not just for tennis players, but for fans around the world, a true cathedral of dreams.

“And how exciting it is to imagine what the next 100 years might bring in realising those dreams.”

Alongside the flagship video, The Stage Awaits campaign will include a series of social, digital and print executions, all designed to celebrate the centenary of this historic stadium, and envisage what the next century might bring.

Wimbledon begins on June 27, as some of the greats game descend SW19 for a chance to win the historic trophy.

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