Scaffold Workers Rescued From NYC Skyscraper

Sky News US Team, in New York
Scaffold Workers Rescued From NYC Skyscraper

Two scaffold maintenance workers left dangling near the top of a 46-storey New York City skyscraper have been rescued.

Firefighters cut open windows on the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower in midtown Manhattan and pulled the men to safety.

The metal scaffold appeared to have buckled at its centre, into an elongated V shape, with both men stranded on opposite sides.

The pair communicated with firefighters on the roof of the 600ft building for about an hour-and-a-half before they were rescued.

Firefighters decided cutting the windows would be safer than hoisting the men to the roof of the building.

The Hearst Tower is the world headquarters of the Hearst Corporation and the first green high-rise office building in the city.