Window cleaning tech company quadruples coverage reaching 125,000 homes

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Patch, the window cleaning service <i>(Image: Agency)</i>
Patch, the window cleaning service (Image: Agency)

A window cleaning tech company that simplifies finding, booking, and managing your window cleans has expanded its reach by another 100,000 houses.

Patch, which is based in Brierfield, strive to make it easier for consumers to manage and pay for their regular window cleans. Their aim is to bring window cleaning, and eventually other home maintenance, into the 21st Century.

The company currently covers several Yorkshire and Lancashire areas, totalling 25,000 homes and have now expanded, adding another 100,000 homes to the areas they are operating in.

Over the next month, their cover will spread even further over the Yorkshire and Lancashire border, and includes places like Keighley, Clitheroe, and Bolton by Bowland as well as all of the existing areas like Barrowford, Haworth, Cowling and more.

Lancashire Telegraph: Conor and Paul
Lancashire Telegraph: Conor and Paul

Conor and Paul (Image: Agency)

The tech company was co-founded by former Pendle councillor Paul White, who’s idea also carried the milk delivery round into the 21st century with The Modern Milkman; and Lancashire Innovation Challenge winner, 24-year-old Conor Walsh.

Paul said: “We’ve worked really hard, with a small but talented team to get launched and move at the pace we are doing.

"We are definitely excited that over the next month we’ll have reached 125,000 houses. Our aim is to reach one million by the end of 2023.

Conor said: “Our teams of cleaners are professional, honest, and reliable.

“Being able to expand so soon is fantastic for us at Patch, and the households that our business helps.

“We’ll be adding lots more postcodes over the next month, so it’s worth checking yours.”

The business is dedicated to totally revolutionising the market, making instant book and convenience the forefront of their mission.

The industry currently relies on consumers having to go out of their way to make a booking, meaning a lot must have cash readily available to make a payment, with even some not knowing when their cleaner visits.

Patch is dedicated to modifying this, meaning consumers can track their cleans, make automatic payments, and contact a Customer Service team all on their online account.

They view subscription-based window cleaning as the first step on their journey to developing the market.

Patch can be viewed at and their App is available for IOS and Android.

If they don’t cover your area yet, you can leave your details and they’ll notify you when they do.