Windows XP wallpaper creator unveils stunning phone screensavers

Ben Travis
Famous photo: Bliss, by Charles O'Rear, became the default desktop for Windows XP: Charles O'Rear/Microsoft

The photographer behind Windows XP's classic desktop wallpaper has returned with new snaps – and he’s hoping you’ll use them on your smartphone.

Charles O’Rear took a photo of a rolling green hill against a vibrant blue sky in Palo Alto, California in 1996, and the shot became the default background on Windows’ long-running operating system.

Named Bliss, the image is thought to be the most viewed photograph in the world, likely seen by over one billion people.

Now O’Rear is back with three more stunning images, and they’re in portrait mode to suit your iPhone.

(Charles O'Rear)

The series of images is titled New Angles of America, and the photos have been released for free to encourage phone owners to make use of them.

(Charles O'Rear)

“With so many people using smartphones today, the background photo takes on a lot more importance. We look at it every day, it’s in our face all the time,” O’Rear explains.

(Charles O'Rear)

“I hope I get to see one of my new photos on someone’s smartphone in some distant country one day. That would make me happy.”

The three images were shot in California, and feature the State’s unique mountainous environments and rock formations.

Head over to to download them.