Winner of the £10,000 Royal Society Young People’s Books Prize revealed

Tom Horton
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Cats React To Science Facts has won a Royal Society young person’s book prize.

The book, written by Izzi Howell, was selected as the winner after more than 13,000 young people from 500 schools cast their votes.

It has been awarded the Royal Society Young People’s Books Prize.

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Cats React To Science Facts shares scientific facts alongside amusing pictures of felines.

Howell has been awarded a £10,000 prize

Professor Mike Kendall, chair of the judges for the adult award, said: “Cats React To Science Facts is a highly accessible and rewarding book for children to read.

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“This book successfully captures complex information in a condensed form – each page combines a perfect balance of jokes, facts, graphics and of course, cats, to keep young minds engaged and entertained.

“It’s an entry-level book which provides a gateway to the important scientific topics of our time.

“Science is fun and the books and study materials for children and young adults should reflect this.

“Any book that gets young people interested in science who would not normally be engaged in science has to be a good thing.”

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