Winona Ryder And Alyssa Milano Shared A ‘Nice’ Stalker

The Stranger Things star revealed how one man worked as an extra on all of her movies until she confronted him and he moved on to the Charmed actress, whilst another obsessed “fan” called her a c**t to her face.


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Winona, 44, has opened up about the crazy people she meets through her job as a Hollywood actress and recalled how she was dumped by a stalker for Alyssa Milano.

In an interview with New York magazine, Winona was asked had she ever had a stalker, to which she replied: "Yeah. I did. I had a few. One was really nice. He kept showing up as an extra on movies, and you don’t know. You have to be careful. So I told the director, because he was kinda creepy.

“And I got this letter in my trailer the next day that was like, ‘I was just trying to get work as an extra! Just so you know, I’m not even obsessed with you anymore, I’m obsessed with Alyssa Milano now!’ So he kind of left me for Alyssa Milano.”


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Verbal abuse from anyone isn’t easy to take but when it came out of the blue in front of her parents from a person who claimed to be a “fan”, the Beetlejuice star admitted she was upset.

She said: “I’ve been called a c*** to my face by someone who was just saying they were a fan. I was with my parents having dinner. It was actually kind of upsetting, because it upset my parents, and then I got upset. You know that scene in The King of Comedy where Jerry Lewis is at a pay phone? 'Will you sign the thing, will you sign the thing?’ 'I hope you get cancer!’ ”