Winter ski holidays in trouble as booster jabs won’t show on Covid app

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Stock image: Saas Fee village, near Zermatt in the Swiss Alps  (AP)
Stock image: Saas Fee village, near Zermatt in the Swiss Alps (AP)

There could be trouble in paradise as travellers could be refused entry to popular winter destinations after reports of the NHS app failing to record booster vaccinations.

The Covid Pass in the NHS App is only showing data from the first and second jabs, with booster shots unable to be accessed.

Countries including Austria, Israel and Switzerland have imposed an expiry date on all vaccine certificates for people looking to travel there amid fears of waning immunity from jabs.

This means anyone from the UK who had their second doses before the cut off period could be barred from going on holiday to these destinations.

The alternative will be for travellers to provide evidence of a negative Covid test or a recent recovery from the virus to gain entry.

Aviation bodies have urged the government to update the app so people do not face hurdles when going abroad.

The Department of Health and Social Care admitted the app had not been configured to include boosters as “they are not required for domestic certification”.

A spokesperson said: “We know some countries are altering their vaccine requirements, so we continue to keep international travel certification under review to ensure British citizens can travel abroad as easily as possible.”

Paul Charles, chief executive of The PC Agency, a travel consultancy, told The Daily Telegraph: “The Government urgently needs to update the app so it recognises those who are getting their boosters.

“It is vital systems are as up to date as possible, otherwise other countries will stop letting people in.

“We have to see the app updated in real time as soon as you have had your booster otherwise it puts at risk your next trip.”

Austria and Croatia initially put an expiry date of 270 days on all vaccine certificates for people looking to travel there but both countries have now extended that to a year.

Israel has said tourists wishing to enter the country need to provide proof of full vaccination in the past 180 days or a booster jab.

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