Winter Storm Dumps Snow Across Colorado

Roads were closed and flights canceled as a winter storm brought several inches of snow and gusty winds to Colorado on Tuesday, November 26, local media reported.

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast one to six inches of snow in El Paso County in central Colorado, with some cities north of Colorado Springs seeing up to 10 inches.

Local media reported multiple road closures near Colorado Springs, and said more than 450 flights at Denver International Airport were canceled by Tuesday.

This video shows resident Shawn Rosvold measuring nearly 10 inches of snowfall outside his Colorado Springs home. The video also shows the yard’s winter landscape, with snow blanketing the ground and dusting trees.

The NWS of Pueblo said the heaviest snowfall in its coverage area was falling in Colorado Springs and areas north of the city.

The NWS said another snowstorm was projected to hit later in the week, forecasting “strong” winds and possibly “several feet” of snow. Credit: Shawn Rosvold via Storyful