Winter Weather: Sub-Zero Temperatures Forecast

Winter weather is set to bite later this week with sub-zero temperatures predicted.

Heavy rain will give way to ice, frost and bitterly cold northerly winds from Tuesday onwards.

Temperatures could plummet to as low as -6C in some places, with highs of just 4C.

Sky News weather presenter Isobel Lang said: "The weather is set to change dramatically this week as the area of low pressure bringing today's heavy rain slips away southeastwards, drawing in cold northerly winds.

"Conditions look a good deal drier from Tuesday onwards, and much of south-west England, the Midlands and Wales could remain dry for the remainder of the week.

"On the flip side, it will feel considerably colder with brisk northerly winds and much lower night and daytime temperatures. Expect sharp frosts and the risk of icy stretches.

"Some showers are still likely to feed in on the winds, but these should mainly affect North Sea coastal counties, where they may bring some snow to the North Yorkshire Moors or Cheviots, along with higher ground in eastern Scotland."

The cold snap follows a weekend of heavy rain and strong wind, leaving three people dead and forcing hundreds from their homes.

Heavy rain continued to deluge parts of the South West, but it was North Wales and the North East that bore the brunt of the wet weather.

There are almost 200 flood warnings in place across England and Wales and nearly 300 less serious flood alerts.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to ensure "everything is being done to help".