Winter wonderland wedding? Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's high-speed romance continues

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

We can’t handle the speed at which Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s romance is unfolding — and things aren’t slowing down. Here’s the latest:

Details of Ariana’s dream wedding plans have been leaked.

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that the songstress has been “dreaming” up the details of her wedding since she was a teen. “Ariana has talked about marriage since she was 15,” the source said. “During her teen years, she was always very dreamy about a wedding and she used to call friends and talk about one day having that one special person… She used to talk about her brother [Frankie] walking her down the aisle and giving her away. They are really close and she felt he would be the perfect man to do that.”

She even had a theme. “Ariana also spoke about a winter wedding, which seemed a little cold, but she loves the idea of a winter wonderland-type scene,” the source said of the Boca-born star. “We used to laugh about her fun ideas of a snowy wedding day.”

He has covered his tattoo of ex Cazzie David.

After getting two new tattoos of his singer girlfriend, he has apparently gotten rid of the one he had of his ex Cazzie, who he dated for about two years from May 2016 to May 2018.

The Saturday Night Live star had a tattoo of David’s face on his forearm, but a new video he posted in which he’s shirtless and dancing around the room wearing a fuzzy owl backpack show both forearms covered in new ink.

Pete’s other ex can’t deal with all this, either.

While Cazzie made a funny comment about this high-speed romance, now another ex of Davidson’s is weighing in — and she’s unimpressed. Girl Code star Carly Aquilino, whom he dated before Cazzie, posted this. Hilarious.

(Carly Aquilino/Instagram)
Pete apparently commissioned her engagement ring a week after they started dating.

The timeline of Ariana and Pete’s romance got even juicier when it was revealed that the ring he gave her took two weeks to make. Meaning? He asked the jeweler to make it one week after they started dating.

And their cuteness continues on social media.

Not only did she seemingly confirm the engagement with this:

She can’t stop tweeting fans to tell them she’s “so happy.”

And they keep bantering on each other’s posts.

Will this winter wedding idea come to fruition? Well, it’s a long way until December, folks. Buckle up.

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