Is Winter Wonderland worth a trip? By Yashashvi Mehta, Parmiter's School

Is Winter Wonderland worth a trip? By Yashashvi Mehta, Parmiter's School <i>(Image: Yashashvi Mehta)</i>
Is Winter Wonderland worth a trip? By Yashashvi Mehta, Parmiter's School (Image: Yashashvi Mehta)

Thousands of people visit winter wonderland every day in the coldest months of the year. Everyone, from tourists to famous celebrities like Jude Bellingham and Kareena Kapoor enjoyed Hyde Park's most well-known celebration of winter and the joy it brings.

Speaking to 13-year-old Miss Parmita Mehta, we found that the spectacle brings so many people together that queues on the evening of january 1st were approximately an hour long.

She says, "That the weather on the day definitely affected my experience negatively because standing outside, even in a drizzle, for a long time can make your clothes very wet. The rides were a blast but the long hours in between were exhausting. Over all, the atmosphere made my evening, with the buzz from excited, happy people that filled up Hyde Park"

Despite being a thrilling experience the biggest disadvantage people face, aside from bad weather and chaotic crowds, is really ridiculous pricing. A family day out can easily cost up from £250.

Mrs Mehta explains her view, "Not only were we distrupted by the terrible weather conditions, queues were so long that we didn't manage to go to all of the attractions that we had booked before closing time. This made me feel as if I had wasted a lot of money."

Food and drinks were all delicious: from churros to street food of different cuisines to warm hot chocolates. However, it totalled to around £30 per person. Especially in the midst of the cost of living crisis, going to winter wonderland (which is a christmas tradition for many families) is becoming a luxury which is unaffordable to many.

With increasing Covid-19 and other bacterial disease cases, the close proximity of people in Winter Wonderland over the last 4 weeks may have been contributing to a rising number of cases. Nonetheless, like Miss Parmita Mehta mentioned, the crowd is what makes the place lively and the experience enjoyable.

This is the pricing. Entry is free during off-peak periods and costs between £5 – £7.50 for peak hours. Once you're in, you can stay as long as you like. If you spend £25 or more on any of the attractions and rides online and in advance, your entrance ticket will become free when booked in the same transaction. Many agree that this amount of money isn't worth the chaotic experience. Others admire the fun-filled atmosphere that allows them to make the most of cold winter days.