Wisconsin Hospital Pays Tribute to Organ Donor With 'Honor Walk'

The staff at St. Mary’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, paid tribute to a patient who was giving the gift of life to others as an organ donor on November 30.

The hospital shared footage on Facebook of Graham Smith’s ‘Honor Walk’ where the staff lined the hallways as the patient was being rolled in to donate tissue and organs. “Today hospital staff paused to honor the life of Graham Smith – a husband, father, son, friend and hero. Graham is an organ and tissue donor. This is his Honor Walk, a moment when friends, family and staff line the halls as a hero makes their way to save lives,” the post said. The staff can also be heard singing Amazing Grace as he is moved through the halls. As of writing, the post has over 1,200 shares on Facebook. Credit: SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – Madison via Storyful