Wizz Air flight 'cancelled on runway' leaving passengers 'stranded' with €4 voucher

Wizz Air has cancelled a flight leaving a couple stranded with just a €4 food voucher. Michael Tall and his wife were supposed to depart Poznan Airport for London Luton on Monday at 4pm but it was cruelly cancelled while on the tarmac.

Michael, 43, said: "I couldn't care less about the plane being broken flights get delayed and cancelled, these things happen. But the way we've been treated the lack of communication, the lack of information, being left stranded with no help, no food, no drinks...

"It's been scandalous. I've never known customer service like it." He said: "We were speeding down the runway and suddenly the pilot slammed on the brakes before we got in the air. We were told that there was a technical fault with the plane and that engineers were on their way to fix things.

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"We waited on the plane for two hours were told everything was good to go and started to take off again. But when we got halfway down the runway, the brakes were slammed on again." He said: "We were trapped in the gate for nearly seven hours with absolutely no information on when we would be leaving.

"There were no representatives from Wizz Air and no one at the airport wanted to help either I suppose because it's not their airline. We were then given a ridiculous four-euro voucher each for food but even if you wanted to pay for more the cafe at the gate had run out of nearly everything.

"So all we could get was a horrible long-life croissant and a chocolate bar." He said: "Again, there was no representative from Wizz Air, and the airport weren't interested either so all the passengers were talking to each other, communicating in English and Polish trying to help one another."

"We finally managed to get a hotel through the airport but we saw others today who had slept here because they couldn't get the help," Michael explained. "So we were lucky in that but it still was a nightmare. They told us they would send buses to take us there and back, but none arrived so we arranged our own transport."

WizzAir said: "We apologise for the disruption this may have caused passengers. All affected passengers were offered accommodation and were given meal vouchers. Passengers are always able to book their own accommodation and will be reimbursed for expenses up to a reasonable amount.

"All passengers have been notified of their compensation options and will be updated via email or SMS. The flight has now been scheduled for 17:00 UTC today. We advice passengers to book directly with us, either through the app or on the website in order to receive the most up-to-date travel information.

"When passengers book through third-party providers, we may not be able to contact customers directly via phone or email."