Wolf Attempts to Steal Carcass From Sleeping Bear in Italy

An Apennine wolf was filmed attempting to steal a carcass from a snoozing bear in Abruzzo, Italy.

The video, taken by Agata Rucin, shows the wolf surveying the area before taking an interest in a carcass being guarded by a bear. The wolf approaches the bear before the bear lunges at the wolf to warn it to back off.

Rucin told Storyful that she was in the area as part of her work as a conservation filmmaker with Rewilding Europe, a non-profit organization dedicated to repairing damaged ecosystems and restoring degraded landscapes so that wildlife can thrive.

In an Instagram post of the incident, Rucin wrote, “Only the most epic nature experience for me so far.” Credit: Agata Rucin via Storyful

Video transcript