Wolf Pack's Sarah Michelle Gellar talks season 2 hopes

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Wolf Pack spoilers follow.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's claws finally came out in the season 1 finale of Wolf Pack this week.

Moonlighting (you're welcome) as arson investigator Kristin Ramsey, it turns out that Gellar's werewolf is actually Baron, Luna and Harlan's mum, as well as the very person she's in town to hunt down – having set the blaze to draw Baron out of hiding.

The episode concluded with Kristin telling Garrett that he'd make a perfect father-figure for her hairy pack, but he wasn't exactly keen on the idea.

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Chatting to TVLine, the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer star weighed in on what kind of parent Kristin is.

"She's fiercely protective of her cubs, and I think she did what she thought was right at the time. Sometimes loving someone means making sacrifices to protect them, like finding her cubs a home where she knew they'd be safe," Gellar began. "I don't think she knew Baron was alive until much later, but we'll hopefully learn more in season 2."

On those lycanthropic instincts clashing with her more human sensibilities, she also commented: "She's caught between the two. And she's losing some of those animal instincts as she becomes more human. That's actually happening to a lot of animals in the wild right now — as they're becoming more and more extinct, they're losing their inner predator."

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Inevitably, the prospect of Wolf Pack season 2 cropped up as well.

"We have a writers' room open, and we're preparing," teased Gellar, "but everything is in flux right now with the strike. I think that's the biggest issue. But the numbers, the fans — everybody wants season 2."

All episodes of Wolf Pack are available to stream now on Paramount+ in the US and UK.

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