Wolverhampton City centre Metro stop closed for almost a year 'hasn't been forgotten'

Transport bosses have reassured a frustrated Wolverhampton councillor that a tram stop which has been shut for months has not been forgotten. Councillor Carol Hyatt told members of the West Midlands Combined Authority's transport delivery overview and scrutiny committee there were outstanding issues with Metro stations in the city centre.

And she said one of those was the reopening of St Georges terminus which was closed almost a year ago to enable improvement works to be carried out. Councillor Hyatt also said there were still some works waiting to be completed at the stop serving Wolverhampton train station, which finally opened in September last year.

Anne Shaw, Director of Transport for West Midlands, said that while there was no date for when St Georges will reopen, they were working with the City of Wolverhampton Council to complete it. Councillor Hyatt said: "In Wolverhampton we have two Metro stations now. One at the station but the previous one at St George's has been closed for months.

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"It just remains to be unable to be used. The Metro line which goes to the station hasn't quite been completed. The cycle hub hasn't been opened, the lights haven't been sorted. It's taken a really long time. It's almost as if you've moved on to the next project and that's the one you are focusing on now."

Anne Shaw said: "I was at Wolverhampton the other day - the lights have now gone in and are operational. I also saw some photographs of the cycle hub in use at the station. There are a number of outstanding things that are there to be completed. Opening St Georges stop is one of them and we're working with colleagues at Wolverhampton Council to look at that as well.

"It's not been forgotten about and it is still part of the project. It's aligned with some of the other things we are doing with Wolverhampton in terms of wider regeneration proposals in that area. When St Georges is open, the trams will be split between serving St Georges and the station so you will have a lower frequency than currently."

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