Wolverines captured on camera enjoying Bedfordshire snowfall

Two wolverines named Puff and Fi enjoyed the winter wonderland at Whipsnade Zoo as overnight snowfall blanketed the 600-acre grounds.

Photos and video taken by the zookeepers show the animals, species of the Mustelidae family, relishing the soft snow.

Puff and Fi are parents to two baby wolverines, born in February 2019, following a breeding first for the conservation zoo.

The greatest numbers of the species are seen in northern Canada, the US state of Alaska, the mainland Nordic countries of Europe, and throughout western Russia and Siberia.

Elsewhere, the Amur tigers – a threatened species native to Russia, northern china, and Korea – were also seen enjoying their breakfast in the picturesque scenery.

The snow coated the Dunstable Hills near Whipsnade Zoo, the largest zoo in the UK, in Bedfordshire.