Woman, 75, found stuck to a chair after sitting in it for SEVEN MONTHS

A 75-year-old woman had to be rescued from her own chair after sitting in it for seven months.

Barbara Foster was found last week by emergency services in her home in Springfield, Ohio.

She had been sitting in the same spot in her Burnham Green Road home since last July and her skin had molded to the chair, it was reported.

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A church volunteer who had been delivering food to Ms Foster for the past ten years raised the alarm.

The volunteer said Ms Foster had not been seen anywhere but in her chair since last July.

When the emergency services arrived, they found her surrounded by faeces and urine, and had to wear hazmat suits to remove her from her home.

Ms Foster, who weighed 550 lbs (250kg) when she was found, screamed when she was carried out of the house by paramedics because her bones were so weak they were breaking.

Officials said the odour from her house was so strong they could smell it from the footpath outside.

Ms Foster is being treated at the University of Toledo Medical Center.

Her home has been declared unfit to live in.

The Toledo Blade reported that Ms Foster is a former teacher and had moved to the area from Arizona. She does not have any relatives in the area.

Officials called her situation “extreme”, it reported.

The Blade had seen a police report on Ms Foster’s rescue which quoted Assistant Fire Chief Rick Helminski as saying: “I was also advised that Barbara was so physically weak that bones in her body were breaking when EMS [Emergency Medical Services] was attempting to carry her out of the house.”

The volunteer from Our Lady of Lourdes church, which Ms Foster had previously attended, said he was used to the smell of the house but called police because she was “not acting herself”.

Police are reviewing the case for any potential crime, the Blade reported.

(Main picture: Fox News)